A little history...

Circa 1970 - Bait and Tackle Shop

Winter 1980 - Yes, we do get snow.

July 2003 - On sunny days our 1957 Chevy adds a bit of nostalgia to the storefront!

Some 50 years in the making, the former Hollifield Store of old, just outside Clayton, after being transformed and revitalized as never before, has become Black Bear Creek Antiques! While every effort was made to be true to the history, tradition, and charm of the original structure, Jim Reaves and Carol Cordray, with the help of many friends and family, spent six months in early 2003 doing a near complete restoration of the existing buildings at 6028 Highway 76 W., a beautiful five-mile drive west of Clayton.

To the casual observer or those driving by this familiar landmark, the store appears almost unchanged, but you'll realize nothing could be further from the truth once you pass through the door. The shop is now brightly lit, items are displayed in an uncluttered, well thought-out manner, and your surroundings conjure up nostalgia and fond memories even as contemporary jazz plays softly while you browse. And browse you will, cause there's so much to see, and there are new things to discover with each visit! And not a jam or jelly, or faux finish, or "Made in Taiwan" sticker anywhere to be found. If you want the genuine article, this is the place, 'cause finally, Black Bear Creek is an antique store that truly sells antiques.

Even before the ink was dry on the contract to purchase what was then The Log Cabin Store Antiques, Jim and Carol began the endless task of finding unique, high quality antiques to replace or augment those included in the sale. You'll find vintage advertising, lodge and cabin furnishings, rare books, kitchen collectables, vintage hunting and fishing gear, antique radios, rustics and primitives, with everything from a Popeye Big "Little" book, to a1966 Harley motorcycle, to a magnificent turn-of-the-century Bailey, Banks and Biddle grandfather clock.

In addition to the fine antiques and collectibles assembled there, as a bonus for shoppers and community artists alike, Black Bear Creek is drawing upon the talents of a potter, two woodcarvers, a rustic sign painter, a watercolorist, and even a custom knife maker, to add greater depth to the treasures offered for sale. Jim and Carol think it important to get involved and support the local people that have so graciously welcomed them into their "home," Clayton Georgia.

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So the next time you are in search of a great shopping experience in a beautiful mountain setting, we guarantee Black Bear Creek Antiques is just what the doctor ordered!

Stop by and see us!
Jim and Carol