For lack of a better word, we use the term "Showroom" to refer to the whole darned store. To help us organize the place, and to, in turn, make your shopping experience a bit more enjoyable, we have established areas and rooms with a somewhat defined theme.

General Store
This is the first impression you'll have as you enter. We attempt to take you back to the earliest of American shopping establishments, the general store. Lots of character; vintage advertising, grocer's scales, antique tobacco tins, coffee boxes, dry goods displays, familiar drinks and snacks.
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The Gallery
Here, almost anything goes. Mixed in among the many genuine antiques you'll find original paintings, clay sculptures, nature photography, pottery, a Moose antler lamp, and a 200 year old crystal decanter set. Some of these items are featured on our Artist's page.
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The Retro Room
Mostly just plain fun! 1966 Italian Harley, vintage board games, antique toys, Coke and RC thermometers, nautical pieces.
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The Machine Room
Probably my personal favorite, as it is chocked full of all things mechanical. Victrolas, vintage oscillating fans, antique radios, "people weigher" scale, working traffic light, arcade games.
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